01. Some Christians believe that they will have [eternal] life with Jesus in heaven after they die.
02. People throughout the world spend billions of dollars a year on products that they hope will give them the appearance of [eternal] youth.
03. When we die, I think that we simply cease to exist for the rest of [eternity].
04. The magic ring seemed to keep Bilbo the hobbit [eternally] young.
05. We are [eternally] grateful for all the help you have given us.
06. Tina seems [eternally] cheerful. I've never seen her unhappy or depressed about anything!
07. Stop your [eternal] arguing; you're driving me absolutely crazy!
08. We had to wait for what seemed like an [eternity] before receiving our final grades.
09. The land has been declared a national park for all [eternity].
10. In ancient Egypt, onions were considered an object of worship, and symbolized [eternal] life.
11. We went to a fancy restaurant last night, and it took an [eternity] for our meals to arrive.
12. Christianity offers a promise of [eternal] salvation for its followers.
13. Vincent Van Gogh once stated that love is something [eternal]; the aspect may change, but not the essence.
14. Quito, Ecuador has been described as the "Land of [Eternal] Spring," because of its pleasantly mild climate.
15. A Japanese proverb states that to ask is a temporary shame; not to ask, an [eternal] one.
16. A Russian proverb notes that [eternal] peace lasts until the next war.
17. Yves St-Laurent once remarked that fashions fade, but style is [eternal].
18. Marcel Proust once stated that the opinions we hold of one another, our relations with friends and kinfolk are in no sense permanent, save in appearance, but are as [eternally] fluid as the sea itself.

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